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Make it Easy for Customers to Contact You

Are you making it easy for people to reach you? It's hard enough to get people to visit your web site, and without a website contact form you might be letting visitors browse a page or two and then disappear from your life forever.

On Your Current Website or a New Website, Vansant Creations Web Design can:

  1. Add a website contact form to your site (and make sure you're not asking people to fill out too much)
  2. Make sure there is a website contact form on every page of your site to encourage people to contact you
  3. Capture the information from that website contact form into your own newsletter database
  4. Do all of this for a one time fee instead of making you pay monthly for a service like Constant Contact

Do I need a website contact form on every page?

Maybe you do have a web site contact form. But do you have one on every page of your site? You should! Just because you have a menu item on your web site that says "contact" doesn't mean people will click on it. Why not make it easy for them and put a small, streamlined website contact form on every page of your site where people can't help but see it? That form might be the thing that makes someone think "You know... I might as well contact them." And that could be the difference between a sell and no sell.

Are you capturing the information of people who fill out your website contact form?
Sending out updates & newsletters?

You should also be saving that valuable website contact form information. People who stopped by today might be clients in the future. Sending out an occasional special, newsletter or update to a list of the people who filled out your website contact form could turn old visitors into new clients.

Stop being charged for every mailing.

Maybe you're using a service like Constant Contact for your emailing. Wouldn't you rather pay a one time fee to have a Constant Contact-like system added to your web site, instead of being nickled and dimed for every mailing?

Call 410-266-0888 or email Vansant Creations today and have a website contact form working for your site almost immediately!

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