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social media marketing annapolis marylandBeyond advertising, social networks like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter can help you develop a closer relationship with your clients, gain valuable feedback and really learn what they want and need. You can use them to work with your blog to gain a devoted following.

Amy Vansant is a published author specializing in humor. She's grown Twitter and Facebook accounts from nothing to thousands of followers with her witty post and unique style. Let her help grow your brand through social media marketing!


Social Media Marketing: Facebook

While most people have heard how amazing Google advertising can be, you may not have heard how even MORE effective Facebook advertising can be.

Facebook, as you very well may know, isn't just for teenagers the way the first social phenomenon, MySpace was. And because Facebook is a community that gathers a lot of data, including likes and dislikes, from its members, this allows you to target potential clients with stunning accuracy, providing more bang for your buck than any other form of advertising.

Social Media Marketing: Twitter

For some brands, growing a following on Twitter makes sense. But you won't gain and keep followers but just posting how great your product is once a day - you need to mix up product information with fun, useful or otherwise compelling content. (This goes for Facebook posts as well!)

Vansant Creations can:

  • Help you develop a social networking and advertising plan
  • Determine which networks would work best for you
  • Maximize spending and return on investment with Facebook Advertising
  • Create and maintain a lively presence on your networks
  • Help you write clever copy
  • Add social bookmarking widgets to your site
  • Save you time and money jumping on the bandwagon if social media just isn't for you
  • Keep from giving followers and fans the WRONG impressions about your business


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