Do it Yourself Website

Why you DON'T want a Do It Yourself Website

don't use a do it yourself website builder

Many small business owners like to give a Do-It-Yourself websites a shot. I've tried to tile my own bathroom, so I know how that goes.

Really, really badly.

Websites are more than just words and logos. And while failing to create the perfect do-it-yourself website won't end with your house flooding or being electrocuted, it will be a HUGE waste of your time; time you could have spent working on your business


How do I know? Because I get calls every week from people who have given up. Sometimes the abandon hope early on, because the do-it-yourself website online admin panel was a lot less easy to use than promised. Sometimes after their website languishes on the Internet for years, bringing nothing but hosting bills and no leads, we finally get the call.

Even if you did create a passable do-it-yourself website, there is so much more you could have done.

  • If your keywords aren't correct, you'll end up showing up 1000th when your potential customers search for you. You might as well not have a site at all. 
  • Real web sites don't look like hundreds of other sites created by the same "do-it-yourself" system.
  • People are a lot more web savvy than they used to be. They can TELL when a site is a cookie-cutter template. They aren't impressed.

Let Us Save You From the Do It Yourself Website


  • Can create an affordable site that will actually work for you
  • Can offer ideas and options that you might not be aware even exist
  • Know to avoid the things that turn off visitors
  • Know how to setup friendly navigation
  • Know Search Engine Optimization
  • Know what works


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